Iowa Adventures 2011

Like most people I take pictures here and there on my phone. I thought it would be fun to review 2011 using some of my random cell phone snap shots.

If you were ever wondering how cold it can get in Northeastern Iowa, here is a bit of insight....

This was the temperature reading from my car on the drive to work on January 21, 2011.
Good news: there was a 30 degree increase during the day.
Bad news: the high was 7 degrees (F)

I learned one of the things to watch out for in a Midwest winter is the snow drifts. After a snow if the wind picks up the snow just blows every-which-way and can completely block out the roads and cover your parked car.

I took these photos at the end of the day when I was leaving work. My car was in the early stages of being devoured by a snow drift and I thought it was kind of nifty.

I went to run some errands up in Rochester, MN and stopped in at a Savers (it's like goodwill or salvation army) and saw this little ditty on a T-shirt

The first thing that popped into my head when I saw this was "I am sure there is some dude with a very large truck covered in a lot of offensive bumper sticks that would beg to differ" (Don't worry, I already know there is something really wrong with my brain)

Proof that the price of gas is taking is toll everywhere....

I have to say that I have never tried a DQ taco and don't ever plan on it. Lets face it, what does a dairy queen really know about tacos and what business does she have even thinking she could!? There i said it. Stick to the ice cream sister, because you couldn't pay me $300 to eat 2 of your tacos! (Wait, if I get payed 3-hundred smackers, I might eat them)

I was wandering and exploring the river trail that is next to Church in Fayette and found this turtle just hanging out.

I almost stepped on him and I have to say that he scared me stupid for a sec there. I am usually not that jumpy but I was not really expecting to see a turtle nearly 2 ft long at my feet.

Spring has sure been taking it's sweet ol' time getting here. At the end of April we had about 1ft of snow dump one day. Insanity! Finally this past week its been warming up enough so the trees could put some leaves on their sorry looking twigs. Last Sunday it was a nice and sunny day so I did some exploring around Decorah on my bike and found a nice little spring so I stopped and put my feet in for a few minutes.

Not quite warm enough for wading feet in springs, so I would have to say it was more refreshing than relaxing but still completely worth doing.

Twin Springs, Decorah, Iowa