Perfect Summer Evening in Iowa

Saturday evening I went to a grill out at some friends house out in the country. Their place has made it into my top ten favorite places in Iowa. I wish could just sit out on their back patio for hours eating brats, listening to all manner of night critters, chatting around a smokey fire and doodling on the patio with charcoal every night for the rest of my life.

We took a walk at sunset and I snapped this photo from the back lawn. I could hardly believe that this sunset was real and that I was standing there actually watching it.

View from the backyard overlooking the farms in the driftless region

Midwest in summer has sure won a spot in my heart although it's winters will only ever have a spot next to the pain in my butt.

We walked by a pasture with Jersey calves. A whole bunch of cute little baby jersey cows! I was almost ready to jump the fence and take one home. I did restrain myself even when they were being so cute staring at us and following us as we walked down the road. (it was near feeding time so I tried not to be too flattered)

Since I graduated, I haven't had as much time to practice my doodles so I was glad to not only find an opportunity to doodle but to find one using a new medium.