Farmer Food : Thai Style

I have slowly moved a lot of my Thai spices down to the kitchen at works since that is where I do most of my kitchen creations these days.

 This dish was the result of sauteing parsnips, leeks, chard, and fennel in a cast-iron pan. Then I added noodles and seasoned with seasame oil, peanut butter, red curry paste and Thai five spice. 

Frogs love Parsnips

Well it's that time of year again, Parsnips are back!  I can't get enough of them. Sliced, coating olive oil and salt then roasted until golden brown is my favorite movie night treat. 

I've been surprised that my friends seem to actually like them too. I kinda took them to a lot of parties last year. My Aunt and little cousin came for a visit and they were digging the roasted parsnips too. 

"Keep those parsnips coming Cuz!"

It's also that time of year when the frogs like to kick-it in the processing area. This little guy was hiding in the parsnips when I was washing them up on Tuesday morning. He jump at my face and scared the crap out of me. He's actually lucky he didn't get pulverized by the powerwasher (yup, that's happened before and its not my favorite thing). 

The fact that there are so many frogs coming in with veg and living around the barn is a nice little reminder that we are an organic farm. Now if we could just train those frogs got eat the dang cucumber beetles ... that would dandy. 


Summer on the Farm

Good Looking Farmers
August on the farm is magical. Both the farm and farmers have been feed by the sun for several months. They're both cranking and looking so good doing it.  

Barn Dance & Dinner at Oxbow
Somewhere in all the magic of August, we hit a wall.  The days start getting shorter and the novelty of 10 plus hour work days with a start time at 6 a.m ...GONE. NO MORE! So we switch to a 7 a.m. start time and do little things to keep spirits up like trips into town for lunch and of course post work or lunch break River swims!   

Chilling down at the Point
Snoqualmie River


September Farm Lunch

 It's here! It's finally here! Cheddar Cauliflower, Oh how we've been waiting for you and your gorgeous self all season! 
Rock'n the Cheddar Cauli
Cheddar Cauliflower Pasta

I used a dressing that a coworker had leftover. I did't catch the whole recipe but she said something about dill and parsley in olive oil. Might be more to it than that but I'll have to post it later. I sauteed Leeks, Cheddar Cauli, Brussel Sprout tips (leaves), tomatoes and garnished with French Sorrel. In the bottle is mint infused well water. 

Beet & Apple sautee

I sauteed Leeks, Beets, Beet Greens, Apples in olive oil. Added a touch of white wine vinegar, sesame oil and Thai Five Spice after. Served with a Side of Spicy Chai kraut and pita. Followed by a quick nap.