Dash to Utah

Well it seems every few years I up and just move. This time I moved my little Muddy Puddle back to Utah. I went to college in Utah but I joke that I didn't really live there, I was just trying to survive. So now I have the a second chance to really explore all the glory of the outdoors in Utah. There were lots of reasons for me to move but it mainly boils down to wanting a change of scene, being closer to my sister, and the lower cost of living in Utah (Washington was just too pricey, but I still loved my time there). 
Me and my Sister playing around in St. George 
Big news! I got a dog! Introducing Dash! Some how I got it in my head that it was a good idea to I pick up a 4 month old puppy on my drive to Utah. He's a pure breed coated Xolo and just the sweetest little doofy dude. 

This was our little meet-cute. He had me smitten pretty quick.  

Within the first 20 mins of hitting the road he barfed, crop dusted the car and tried to ooze his way into the front seat. . . Not much changed for the next 10 hours following. All things considered he was a trooper. 
Dash's first car ride...10 hours was a bit much for him

Dash resting his head on the couch

This is Dash...

This is Dash on Drugs...

...any questions?