Kid-Os Day on the Farm

My brother and sister-in-law needed a babysitter one Saturday morning so my dad and I volunteered for the job of entertaining the three little cuties. Since raspberries were ripe at the farm, we decided to take a nice little outing to Auntie's farm.

Studious 2 year-old berry picker for hire. Works for goldfish crackers. More interested in picking than eating. Note: once berries within child's reach have been picked over, significant decline in product quality occurs, as rotten product from ground is considered suitable. 

Helping Grandpa Harvest

 Climbing tractor Wins again. 
Oxbow has an awesome living playground in the Children's Garden. It's got plant tunnels, a tepee made of beans vines, "Spiral Corn Maze" and what are the kids always the most stoked about? ...The Climbing Tractor. With good reason though, tractors are usually the forbidden object. That thing you are not allowed to touch as a kid. Not at Oxbow though.

Rhubarb leaf hats! 

Everyone is sufficiently tuckered out...time to go home. 

August Farm Lunch

Beef & Coriander Pasta 

The pasta came from Pasteria Lucchese, who we trade with at the Ballard Farmers market. I took ground beef and sauteed it with walla-walla onions, dino kale, cherry tomatoes, and fresh coriander. The beef and coriander really stole the show in this dish.

Leftover Quiche
This Leftover quiche from our Wednesday potluck looked even better by the next day. I just added some caramelized leeks (some is an understatement, as you can't even see the quiche), extra extra sharp cheddar cheese and bit of kraut. This stuff just flew off the plate into my face. Before I knew it, I had horked-down all but 3 bites and was still standing in the kitchen.