Washington, Earring Hanger & Doggy Dish Washing

So its been way too long since I've had time to post on my blog. Things are getting a little more normal for me now, so I hope to be posting more regularly. Just as an update, I moved from Iowa to Washington in the middle of the summer. I ended up spending about a month on the road visiting my siblings in Kansas and Utah, then on to California to help my folks with the move to the great northwest. Now me and the family are pretty much settled here in Washington, I have secured some employment and have taken care of all the drudgery like licensing and car registration. I'll talk more about life in Washington later though. Now is time to talk about making earring racks.

I had me a bit of a situation with my earrings. I don't have tones of them but I had no where to put them where I could easily access them. Action needed to be taken, so I went online looking for some cheep ideas. I saw this one using an old tennis racket. I went to a second hand store, found a racket for $3 and used 3M damage free hangy things.

I am really happy with the way it turned out.

Dogs, man best friend and the original dishwasher.

This is one of the many reason I love having a dog. No need to spend all evening scrubbing bowls and pans, just put them on the kitchen floor and voila! Licked to a perfection and ready for the dishwasher.

Jaccamo gets down with his bad-self and shows off his doggie break dancing moves while doing the dishes. I call this move "the U-bend"