NEEDTOBREATHE & Spring in Seattle

So I got a message a few weeks ago from my grandma because I haven't been posting. She was worried that she was missing them since she usually uses the links I post on facebook.  It was a reminder that 1) I'm super behind on posting and 2) I have at least one reader! Thanks grandma!  So here you go grandma! Also don't forget to check for previous post in the next week or so as I'm slowly adding my backlogged post.

Here is a quick update on on the here and now. Needtobreathe came to town this weekend. My brothers haven't seen them live yet so I made sure to change that. They are an amazing band. The first time I saw them live back in 2009, I left the concert wanting to chuck all of their recorded albums. Once you see them live its hard to settle for a recording because they are that good.

We took this photo appropriately during the song "Brother".

These guys know how to rock

Report from the farm. Not too much Farmer Food or any food coming in right now. Lots of stuff growing but not to much is market ready yet except for a good deal of radishes. My coworker and I have been eating a lot of radish salads at lunch. Both the greens and roots.

This is a radish salad with vinaigrette, feta cheese, sunflower seeds and left over meatloaf.  

While the rest of us were out transplanting kale one fine afternoon our farm manager come cursing by on the "G" to seed radishes. He had picked up a hitch hiker from the office. Like me she doesn't get out of the barn area much so it was like a big party down in "field E" for us.

I was trapping rodents in the barn and had to siphon peanut butter from the jar in the green house. This was my label. I really think I should have gone into advertising.

"Critter's Last Meal...."

"...For the Critter in your Life".