Summer on the Farm

Good Looking Farmers
August on the farm is magical. Both the farm and farmers have been feed by the sun for several months. They're both cranking and looking so good doing it.  

Barn Dance & Dinner at Oxbow
Somewhere in all the magic of August, we hit a wall.  The days start getting shorter and the novelty of 10 plus hour work days with a start time at 6 a.m ...GONE. NO MORE! So we switch to a 7 a.m. start time and do little things to keep spirits up like trips into town for lunch and of course post work or lunch break River swims!   

Chilling down at the Point
Snoqualmie River

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Anne Jepsen said...

I am amazed at all the dishes you cook up - your pictures are wonderful - the entry of the Last children at the farm was fun to read and see - everything you post is a joy to me - how do you save your posts long term? Thanks for sharing!