Transplanting Tomatoes with Alex

Last Friday I spent the day transplanting my tomato plants with my little (bigger) brother Alex (who is also known as Goobie). The weather was sunny, beautiful, warm and we got about 50(ish) tomatoes in the ground, which is the very definition of a good day in my book. 

Me and a tomato plant, and we couldn't be happier. 

Goobie hauling T-post and fencing for the tomato trellis.  I decided used the trellising method that I learned last year while working at Seed Savers Exchange.  I feel like it is a good use of limited space, which I probably created by planting too many tomatoes. I am not complain,....but I might be bragging just a little. The "Tomato Greed" is bad this year! I can't wait to eat fresh tomato sandwiches, homemade spicy tomato soup, dried tomatoes, and fresh salsa. Yum!  

Trellises are set up and all ready for transplanting. Our friends, the Carlsons, were kind enough to spare us some garden space up at there place. 

We ate our lunch snacks while going back and forth from the car to the garden for the transplants. We ate apples and trail mix. I got apple in my teeth and used my hair as floss while Goobie needed more than a handful of trail mix so he used his hat as a bowl . . .  

. . . and YES, we are our parents disgusting children. The other two didn't turn out so bad. 

Apple trees in the orchard 

"Don't Tread On Me"...tomatoes man!

Mariana Transplanting 
Jaccamo chilling in the shade

Mariana's gardening action shoot 

Goobie's gardening action shoot 

Jaccamo's gardening action shoot . . . or rolling in some kind of stank. 


Jana Last said...

Looks like fun! Homegrown tomatoes are the best!

Clarissa O. said...

You make gardening look fun! Miss being around your fun self!!!

tesslast said...

Looks wonderful! When I was planting last week, it reminded me of planting season when we were kids...following Dad while he tilled, trying to walk in his foot prints in freshly turned dirt and planting corn around sunset when it was shady but the soil was warm still. Ah....