Facebook vs. Blog

For starters I had "It's Lost" by the Shook Twins on repeat while writing this blog and I thought it went nicely with what I have to say.

First trip to the Grand Canyon, March 2013

To say I am doing a bad job of posting to this blog is an understatement. It seems that I have two phase in my internet life, the Facebook dominant one and the blog dominant one. My emotional well being seems to drive these phases. For example, a few years back I hit a wall that was brought on by health problems and hard-times.  To date is was my lowest low and I felt like I had little to brag about in my life so I stopped posting on Facebook. As part of my path to health, I decided to make it a priority to be happy. I used the following these 3 guidelines to help me find happiness.

  1. Learning new skills (by choice not compulsion) 
  2. Creating 
  3. Being feminine 

Before I hit this wall my life had been consumed in academic pursuits, which was physically and emotionally stressful for me, as a result my body was falling apart on me. I ended up moving to Iowa to work on an organic farm. I had a little apartment that I used to conduct cooking and lacto-fermentation experiments. I made lots of new friends, went hiking, biking and snowshoeing, read books while taking long hot baths and I blogged.
Bike ride to the Whippy Dip in 2011
Life got better so entered Facebook again. Slowly I started becoming more active there instead of my blog and with good reason. It made it so easy to share a funny clip, maintain a false senses of connection with that person I had a class with 7 years ago, and invite people to parties.

Gleaning on a Sunday afternoon with some friends from town. We would go to the farm I worked at or would try to find the remains of gardens from old abandon farmhouses. I found some Herbs, Rhubarb and Asparagus. 

Life comes with build in highs and lows and you can't avoid it but I'm coming to find that blogging tends to make me a happier person than Facebooking. I've started minimizing Facebook time and increased blog time. I'm not anti-Facebook, I can't be or I would never get invited to parties and my social life would die, but just know if you want updates, funny links, awesome videos or songs they will be posted here.

List of reasons why I like blogging:

  1. Encourages me to be introspective
  2. Helps me find the little adventures in life
  3. Encorages me to plan and carry out projects
  4. Fosters pensive connections with others
  5. Leaving a meaningful History (if all my descendants have is my journal, they think I was crazy all the time)


Wendy said...

I came to this same realization on Sunday. I am cold turkey off Facebook until may, but lets be serious, I have no hope for a social life! Looking forward to more of your blogs.

Anne Jepsen said...

I'm not a big facebook user except for checking in on the family - if you don't alert me on fb about From The Muddy Puddle how do I find it?