Farm Fashion & Favorite Aussie Films

I often forget hair ties when I go to work, but lucky for me I have a stash of twist ties sporting "Organic -- Grown in USA" at my disposal. I didn't forget mine today but I gave it up willingly to a coworker who needed it. 

After working on some projects at home, I watched an Aussie movie called Opal Dream. It's really good and a new favorite.  I have a soft spot for Aussie films (and Aussie themed films) so I decided to share a handful of my favorites (listed in no particular order.) 

1. Strictly Ballroom

2. Opal Dreams

3. Danny Deckchair

4.  The Dish

5. Rabbit Proof Fence

6. Man From Snowy River

7. Quigley Downunder

8. Finding Nemo 

9. The Boys Are Back

10. Cane Toads: The Conquest (2010) (This trailer seems to be for a remake of a Documentary made in 1988. The new one looks good too) 


sixgunsue said...

Hurray! Love me some Aussie films!

tesslast said...

I've been meaning to watch Opal Dream. Its been sitting in my instant queue for ages. I'll have to watch it soon. I really like your hair-ties!