looking back at spring

I found some forgotten photos from this past spring. I meant to post them a while back but it never happened. I decided to break my normal protocol which is to say "oh well" and move on and I am posting these. So here is a quick look back at some spring events. 

The Sow-Dow at Oxbow Farm

Kids preparing for the Maypole

Farmers gearing down for a post-Sowdown swim in the Snoqualmie River. This was in early May and although we were having an unusually sunny and warm spring, this river water is never really warm so it was a very quick and brisk swim. It felt great though and now that it is summer there have been many lunch brake and post work swims. 

In preperation for the Sowdown, I was on mowing duty and by the end of the day it was pretty obvious. 

 The OxBox!

 This spring on the farm we got new boxes. It was and still is kind of a big deal for us since these boxes have our Logo on them. It was something that has been in the works before I even started working here but I count myself to be luck to have been there for this milestone in Oxbow history

Pigeon Friend!!! 

In May we had an injured pigeon show up at our place for a few days. He had a band on his leg and we figured that he must be a pet. We gave him water and some food and after a few days he started taking flights father away until one day he didn't come back. 

Jaccomo was not sure about piegon friend. 

Fun with Friends 

Eating Greek food  down at the Lake

One last night out on the town with a good friend before she moved

Missing that girl!

Evening walks out near the lake. 

Morning Dew

Evening Sunset at Oxbow

Nothing better


Wendy said...

Trying not to be jealous. You are living the life I want. (Not that mine is bad, you just live WHERE I want to live) I want to move back to Washington SO BADLY. Unfortunately, that is just not going to happen. Keep posting pictures so I can live vicariously through you :)

Anne Jepsen said...

Some Ditto to Wendy - It is great to be involved with something so meaningful like "real food". Good for you. Your photos are wonderful. The dew webs are remarkable. It is nice you see things around you and share with the rest of us. Happy Days!