Fireflies in Utah County

I spent the evening on a hunt for the rare Utah fireflies.  It was magical and worth putting up with all the mosquitoe drama.  Fireflies were unheard of west of the Rocky Mountains until a few years ago when a few populations were discovered in Utah. From what I've read online, researchers are perplexed and excited as they are trying to learn more about these populations. 

I live for perfect summer evenings. To me a perfect summer evening is a simple thing. There are many things that help create the perfect summer evening, but for me it usually includes: a pleasant group people, a stunning sunset, warm air that is just starting to turn cool, and being in the middle of nowhere. Here is the last post I made about perfect summer evenings. It's been busy year and I didn't post much of them, but I'm happy to report I've had plenty, just no time to post about them. They are good for the soul. 

The photo below has a multiple choice caption: 

A) Raise your hands if you saw the fireflies tonight!
B) #SaguaroCactusImpressions
C) We trust our deodorant
D) We don't flipp'n care if our deodorant is working... Die mosquitoes!