Hiking at Paradise Valley

Since moving to Washington, I have not had a lot of time for doing things I enjoy, mostly hiking. Now that I am getting a bit more settled here, I have been able to find a little time to explore the great outdoors in the area. Last week I went to check out a place about 10 minutes up the road called Paradise Valley Conservation area. The trails are pretty low on the intensity scale, so I as far as getting me "conditioned" for backpacking, I will need to keep looking or start filling my pack with extra weight. The trails at Paradise Valley are great for mountain biking and I am starting to get motivated to get my bike fixed up, so I can hit the trails again. Great timing as the snow is just about to hit :)

Below is a picture of me an Jaccamo on the trial. He's my little hiking buddy.

I have been taking Jaccamo here to get his wiggles out. There are lots of logs and puddles to jump over so we get those wiggles out! Since Jaccamo is a "low rider" he gets pretty muddy though.

Red Alders, covered in moss. I really like moss so it just makes me happy to be here were everything is covered in moss.

My first hike here lasted less than 2 hours and in that time I encountered the typical overcast Washington gray sky, then it was sunny with some blue sky (as seen below), 15 minutes after that it started to hail on us. Good thing we had such thick tree cover or it could have been bad.

Thanksgiving morning my dad and I took Jaccamo out for a hike out at Paradise Valley.

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