Weekend in California

I went back to California for a weekend in honor of Nick and Shinehah's wedding (Nick is my cousin and Shinie has been a friend for 20+ years). This trip was the first time since moving to Washington that I have gone more than a 2 hours drive from my current abode, so I was very excited for an excuse to get out of town. Below are a few photos highlight my trip.

I Stayed my first night in town with my cousin Kati. She sent me a text earlier in the day informing me that her goat had 3 kids that day, so here I am holding all 3 of them cute little kids. I had so much fun playing on the farm with Kati, Dillion and all the crazy critters that go with it.

We went down to the ranch where Kati's prego mare is staying until the baby comes and I had to take a picture of the Ninja Horse a few stalls down. . . Watch OUT!!!

This gas station has been around since I was in my teens. I still think its hilarious... "Ice Cream Car Wash." Windows down? YES, Please!

Lunch at El Camino, one of my favorite Mexican Restaurants

Saturday morning was the big day. I got there a little early so I could take pictures and take a walk on the roof top garden while it was nice and quiet. I got a few amazing pictures.

View of the Oakland temple from from the roof top garden.

The happy couple

Saturday night, I went out to San Francisco to Stay with my friend Karli, who is going to school out there. We took a walk in the morning and didn't have to go far to find awesome views.

Banana Slug!!!!!!!

Karli has this picture that she drew on her wall still. It was from our pirate gang we (Karli, Teressa , Kait and myself) started back in our teens, way before Johnny Depp made it "hip." We had t-shirts and special pirate names for each other. Our pirate crew was a bit different, because we were "Pi-rates" as in the Greek symbol "Pi." We were united by our love for eating and plundering pie while riding aboard our worthy vessel The Marie Callendar.

After church Karli and I had a picnic Dinner out on Sunset Beach before I had to get on my plane home. I have to say it was hard to avoid a photo on the beach that day without some dude doing his yoga in the background. The whole weekend was stacked full of fun and adventure. You couldn't have asked for better weather (upside to a drought year) and it was so great to visit with friends and family from back in California.

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Clarissa O. said...

I wish I could have visited you while you were in California! It looks like you had a lot of fun. Miss you!