Fall Farmer Food Recap

I'm a bit behind on posting some of the wonderful creations me and my coworks have made this fall using things that are leftover on the farm or things we've traded with at market. 

 This one is just a bunch of random stuff leftover from market, but the picture looks really fancy (aka I can't really remember what it is, but don't it look nice) 

Thai style winter squash : I cooked winter squash (any type will do) then topped it with coconut oil, honey, thai five spice, sesame seeds and a bit of salt. 

Tomato soup: Right before lunch we took a bunch of 2nd tomatoes, oregano, leeks and some kind of hazelnut noodle (they were in the shape of those butter mints they serve at weddings). Turned out great. The tomatoes were so sweet.     

 Sauteed veggies. I believe we went Asian style on this one. Turnips, napa cabbage, leeks, sesame seeds, and smoked salmon. I think we seasoned with roasted sesame oil, soy sauce and sriracha.   

Smoked salmon salad thing on top of toast, side of extra sharp cheddar, sauteed golden beets in coconut oil.  

This fall on the farm the most awesome thing happened that could have ever happened. We got a fire pit! It's the coolest hang out for lunch breaks and post work parties. This photo was from our weekly potluck. My dish to share was the quesadillas with sauteed greens, chimichurri, and blue cheese. It went over better than I was expecting. I thought it was yummy but I wasn't sure how it would go over. Nailed it ... on accident.