Lunch on the Farm

There are many reasons why I love to work on a farm, but one that is near the top is the Farm Lunch. I get an hour to myself to make lunch with fresh ingredients then I can go sit in the display garden and eat, rest, nap, and/or socialize with coworkers. 

Close up of Friday's concoction

I usually bring some kind of base item. Like today it was quinoa in a sauce I made out of sunflower seed butter, soy sauce, splash of chicken broth, and some ginger (needed coconut milk but I was out). Then I improvised with what was harvested today and what I could grab from the display garden. That's how the sugar snap peas, red romaine lettuce, arugula flowers, strawberries, and Moroccan mint garnish all ended up on my plate today.  Oh can't forget, the drizzling of hot sauce.  Lunch on the farm has turned into a choose your own adventure where I can foster my laziness or 'winging it' in the kitchen philosophy with special attention to exploration of  flavor fusions. It's awesome. 

Friday's lunch under the grape arbor and overlooking the raspberries. 

Having fresh ingredients right at my fingertips in every season is really great. I'm super lucky in that regard and I try not to take it for granted. I'm also trying not to take the beautiful weather we've had this spring for granted either. Compared to last year's grey "June-uary" this spring has been sunny and warm.  

Snapped this picture of the new grape vine growth on a particularly beautiful sunny day on one of my lunches last week
I love the color combination of green and blue in this picture. Blue and green are cool on their own, but so much cooler together. 

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Wendy said...

Um YUM!! You lost me at hot sauce though. I can't wait to move back up there...in 5 or so years :(