Sunny Seattle

This Saturday I helped a good friend use some gift cards at Anthony's, one of Seattle's famous seafood restaurants. . . for there are many. It was really good. I really like seafood, especially when it's free.  

It was a beautifully spontaneous day out on the town with the gals and the weather could not have been more agreeable. It was so agreeable that we didn't even care that our server forgot about us multiple times (but only when it came to water refills and picking up the check). We just chatted, took in the views, and enjoyed soaking up the sun's wonderful rays. 

Mt. Rainier photo bombing my Seattle water front picture. 

Panorama shot with Ghost tornado  

Can you spot the goats in this next shot?

They use them to clear the weeds (mostly Blackberries) on steep hillsides in the city apparently. Thanks Ladies for the wonderful day!

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